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Evoko on maailmanlaajuinen brändi jota myydään kuudella mantereella yli 90 eri maassa. Yritys on perustettu vuonna 2009, Smart Media Solutions AB: yksi Euroopan johtavista innovatiivisten kalusteiden ja koteloiden suunnittelija. SMSän omistaa yhdysvaltalainen Draper Inc. Evokon pääkonttori sijaitsee Tukholmassa, Ruotsissa. Evoko tuotteena vastaa asiakaiden suunnitteluodotuksia valmiina pakettina, niin henkilöille kuin koko organisaatioille.


Evoko Room Manager

"It’s only a fingertip away. The Evoko Room Manager is the beautiful touch-screen solution for all your meeting rooms. Make sure they’re being used in a truly effective way. Forget about double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings. Book conference rooms easily and then have all information presented on the screen. Evoko Room Manger integrates seamlessly with the existing e-mail server. Now you’ll get full insight into your organization’s meeting patterns to optimize resources. Get decision-making support that really cuts costs. If you have rooms for improvement – get in touch with the Evoko Room Manager."

Evoko Minto

"Say hello to the most important participant in your future meetings. Say goodbye to background noise, distractions and comments that can’t be heard. Evoko Minto is intelligent, really easy to work with and all rather gorgeous. With a remarkable ability to hear what’s important and what isn’t. All thanks to a unique sound technology. Ready for use with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop: fast tracking you to the core of the meeting. Getting the message through to everyone — wherever you are."

MINTO on valittu yhdeksi parhaista tuotteeksi yrityskäyttöön.



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