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WinSafe USB Neuvottelumikrofoni

WS-AM1 Tuote: WS-AM1
Valmistaja: WinSafe
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Universally compatible with most Internet communication applications, PC and Mac compatible with USB 1.1 / 2.0,Plug and Play, Free set immediately call Compatible with real-time communication software, and VoIP software, all kinds of vcc,16 KHz sampling sound quality, loud and clear sound, long talk reliable, Built-in high-end intelligent DSP high-speed full-duplex echo processing engine, two-way , echo elimination, In addition, automatic filtering of background noise, not noise, full-duplex transmission mode, even when listen to can still be speak at the same time most close to the real communication, 360-degree Omni-directional high sensitivity microphone, a radius of 5 meters are free to move around and make a call, LED status lights, use different color ring on behalf of calls, in call, call mute state, Switch the speaker headset, suitable for multi-part or private conversation.

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