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NovoConnect päivitys V1.6

Julkaistu: 16.07.2015

The V1.6 upgrade to NovoConnect adds Remote Management functionality for IT administrators


Vivitek announces a new upgrade to the NovoConnect software. The new V1.6 version features Remote Management functionality, a key feature for IT departments who want to deploy and monitor the network of NovoConnects.

NovoConnect is a presentation tool that makes collaboration in the workplace or classroom a reality. It allows for distributed display and control between PC, Mac and tablet devices for a completely interactive presentation and collaboration environment. The fully wireless communication enables content sharing across multiple devices and the unit is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Chromebook,iOS and Android operating systems.


New features in NovoConnect v.1.6:

1) Remote Manager
• Designed for IT administration
• One computer to manage multiple devices

2) File Sharing
• Designed for teacher/student to exchange files and screenshots

3) Voting/Polling
• Available for all platforms in V1.6
• Improved stability and bug fixes

4) Teacher Credential
• Designed for teachers to reclaim immediate control

5) Phone: Landscape Mode
• More useable to show pictures and documents from phones


The V.1.6 updates are available from the NovoConnect pages on www.vivitek.eu on the section 'Download'

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